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Owners Vision

By Kate “DJ Kat” Smith

First and foremost I would like to say, “Thank You” for visiting Military Veterans Radio. This is a dream of mine that is coming true thanks in part to my great friends whom I consider family. Without their and your support, my dream wouldn’t become a reality.

I am but one person who proudly supports all of our service members world wide both past and present. I know that without them doing what they do every day, I wouldn’t have the freedoms that I cherish every day. The inspiration for this Radio Station & support Network, stems from the service that my late uncle gave for his country. He like many other’s, made the ultimate sacrifice defending his country. May he and all the other’s rest in peace.

Not only do I want to reach out and show support to our service members, but to their families as well. For without their families, our men and women of our armed forces wouldn’t be able to do what they do best without the added stress from the home front.

My family and I here at Military Veterans Radio & support Network is not only here to support the troops of the United States, but also our allies around the world

It is geared toward the Military; past, present, and their families. Imagine being in a place far away and away from your family, friends, and job for the first or the twentieth time. This is a hard adjustment for the families as well.

So, I am creating a radio station and website not just to play music, but to also educate, and be a great resource for our military and their families.

Now you are thinking “OK, What do you mean?”
I will tell you what I mean. On my main page there will be a list of resources for our military and their families.
It will include topics about:

Suicide in the Military (There are roughly two young Veterans a day who take their own life, most just a few years after leaving the service),
College Information,
Job Information,
Support Group Blogs and Chat Rooms for all Military (past and present) and for families who lost loved ones in the Military.

We will have links and be a live outlet, manned by a real person (and a prior Service Member), to help our Service people connect to the resources they need.

We will provide music for listening pleasure and Live DJ’s.
I am hoping to find the help to build our “new empire” and support from sponsors to show our Military families they have a caring place to come to for help.

In closing I want to say THANK YOU to ALL of our MILITARY PERSONNEL WORLD WIDE and to their FAMILIES.

Now on Air

Military Veterans Radio is run on a volunteer basis and relies solely on donations to function, we have running costs any donation you feel you can give will help us stay on air for you
Thank you for considering us

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